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Emma is psychic astrologer. I was delighted when I found her as I am always on a constant quest to find you those extra special readers. She gives astounding readings in a similar style to my own in that she delivers specific insights as well as a delving deep into your very soul!

PIN: 2273


view profile (Available)

Nicola C has worked for us in our overflow service but when she decided to apply to work for us exclusively I was over the moon as during my test reading with her I found her incredible and knew she would be non-stop busy with us. She uses clairvoyance and mediumship and will also use Tarot, Angel cards and runes if asked. Let me know what you think.

PIN: 2106


view profile (Busy)

Carol is a wonderful clairvoyant Tarot reader who has been reading for over twenty years. She described not only events but also the exact emotions around them in detail.

PIN: 2160


view profile (Busy)

Adam is an astrologer, tarot reader and dream analyst. He has been President and Chairman of a number of astrological societies, is a published author in the field and regularly appears on Radio. Ive known Adam for many years. He specialises in relationship issues, compatibility and can go into great depth about what is going on astrologically for you. Have your date, place and time of birth to hand if you want him to look at your chart.

PIN: 2155


view profile (Busy)

She is a psychic as well as an astrologer and a tarot reader. I loved my test reading with her and spent over an hour on the phone. She is a brilliant and insightful astrologer as well as doing an empowering and detailed tarot reading. I could talk to her all night. Other testers thought she was very astute and easy to speak to. A calming force who gave lots of detail and deep understanding.

PIN: 2258


view profile (Busy)

Angel is a fantastic natural psychic who also uses Angel cards to open her gift. She gives a deep and detailed soul reading which not only covers the specifics in your life but also helps guide you to what is coming next. Especially good at relationship readings, talking to Angel is just like talking to an old friend who has intuitive answers - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2240


view profile (Busy)

A gifted natural psychic clairvoyant who uses Tarot as a tool, Angelique will give you an in-depth and specific reading. She blows clients away with her accuracy. She is very sincere and honest, telling you how it is. If you are looking for for someone direct who gives it to you straight, Angelique is your girl - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2127


view profile (Busy)

Anna H is a brilliant psychic and empath who likes to give specific details in her readings. She has worked for us before so you may have had a reading with her. She is passionate about her work and likes to be sure of a strong connection. It would be great to have your feedback.

PIN: 2172


view profile (Busy)

Anne Marie loves to leap in by giving you a general reading and will always prove her ability by telling you without you asking questions. She is a warm, honest and wonderful person. I am delighted to have her on board. She is great at relationship readings and never holds back her honest opinion, but she speaks with true warmth and integrity.

PIN: 2121


view profile (Busy)

Barbara is a clairvoyant Tarot reader who jumped out as being exactly the kind of reader I am looking for in her tests. She tuned in quickly, got right to the heart of what was going on, was strong on detail and is also warm, smart and very grounded. She passed our tough tests with flying colours and as always, tell me what you think!

PIN: 2126


view profile (Busy)

Belinda has a distinctive and empowering approach to readings. As a psychic and spirit coach since the age of five, she loves helping others to understand their past, present and future and her gift is inherited from her great aunt. I thought it was one of the best test readings I have had and all our testers agreed she will be a great asset to the team

PIN: 2191


view profile (Busy)

Candy has worked as a reader for Michele for many years on and off. She is a psychic/astrologer and gives detailed readings covering all areas. She is honest and sensitive in relationship readings and likes to empower clients. She has trained with some very famous healers and is dedicated to giving an honest and genuine reading with lots of detail - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2114


view profile (Busy)

Charlotte is a caring and compassionate natural psychic who has been practising for 15 years professionally. She will help guide you through life’s traumas and give spiritual guidance with any problems in your personal life or career - click the photo for feedback and more information.

PIN: 2239


view profile (Busy)

Charlotte T is a natural Clairvoyant. She has a developed intuition and has been reading the Tarot for over 30 years and specializes in love and relationship issues. Charlotte has the psychic WOW factor and will give you extensive details and the ability to help you discover the best course of action to take - click the photo for more feedback and information.

PIN: 2250


view profile (Busy)

Cherriane was outstanding in here test readings. Cherriane is sensitive and her readings are really enlightening and focus on the positive changes that you can make in your life. - click the photo for feedback and more information.

PIN: 2245


view profile (Busy)

Chrissie has been reading since she was 14 and I was really impressed by the emotional depths and detail that she picked up on in her test readings using her fascinating Faery cards to tune into her clairvoyance. I have to say I am not the Faery sort but found the way she read them fascinating and a real joy. She spoke to me very directly but the cards seemed to make it easier to talk about intense issues. She also uses Tarot, ribbons and psychometry in addition to being clairaudient and clairsentient. Chrissie has devoted her life to her spiritual path and immediately stood out as being the kind of exceptional reader with all the qualities I look for.

PIN: 2150


view profile (Busy)

Connie is a confident and straightforward reader who gives an awful lot of information in a short space of time. In her test readings she was described as a brilliant reader who needed no prompts and that she gave a lot of psychic detail.

PIN: 2277


view profile (Busy)

Corrine is a psychic clairoyant who can use Angel cards to help her link in. She is friendly and supportive but also to the point. Also she was able to deliver a more difficult reading in a cheerful way.

PIN: 2275


view profile (Busy)

Daisy blew me away with the first sentence in her test reading with me as she told me that I was going through a cleansing and detox (I had started one that day) and the reasons why. She then went on to tell me in detail what was going on around me. I instantly loved her and knew she was a gem! - click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2270


view profile (Busy)

David is a clairvoyant medium who specialises in helping you find your purpose in life. He was born with his abilities and has been reading professionally since 1996. He blew through the test process like a breath of fresh air, scoring hit after hit and has an amazingly uplifting energy. - click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2269


view profile (Busy)

David B is a psychic Tarot reader and astrologer who has been reading professionally for 25 years. He is absolutely lovely and gave a good amount of detail in his readings, with one tester commenting on his gentle but straight to the point manner. If you particularly want an astrological reading, have your time, place and date of birth to hand when you call.

PIN: 2158


view profile (Busy)

So excited to have Delilah on board she is clairaudient and clairvoyant and use the tarot to link in. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious. The minute my reading started she launched right in without me saying a word and repeated word for word a conversation I had had with my partner not 12 hours before.She was so precise and gave me so much clarity concerning my current situation. I cannot praise her enough!

PIN: 2194


view profile (Busy)

Dorothy is a really experienced psychic and clairvoyant with over 50 years experience and you will find that her knowledge and experience will help you to make positive changes in your life

PIN: 2249

Emma D

view profile (Busy)

Emma is a natural Wiccan who gives an in-depth tarot readings to your specific or general needs. She is an empathetic clairvoyant who believes in the true power of positive thought and uses her modern approach to put any client at ease.- Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2234


view profile (Busy)

FrancesAnne is a different kind of reader. She is a mystical thinker- empath. She inherits her gift from her paternal grandfather. She, as a Texican with a good deal of native American (navaho) has exposure to the different ways of accessing her abilities that gives her a unique perspective on your issues - As always, let me know what you think!

PIN: 2165


view profile (Busy)

Gemma - We are lucky to once again have another young rising star! The indigos must be out in force as this is the third fabulous young reader we have taken on. I loved her integrity and depth and our testers raved about her detail, warmth and understanding. Let me know what you think!

PIN: 2188


view profile (Busy)

Genevieve is a psychic Tarot reader who also uses astrology and pendulums. She proved in her test reading that she is able to get right to the heart of the matter - in detail, without any advice for her client. Work and relationships are a strong point - let us know what you think. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2131


view profile (Busy)

Hazel is a truly exceptional reader. Clairvoyant and third generation medium and psychic, she immediately jumped out in her test readings as she delivered loads of detailed information at a very fast pace. Hazel is exactly the kind of reader that we go through hundreds of tests to find. I think she is fabulous

PIN: 2161


view profile (Busy)

Hetty inherited her psychic skills from her mother who was clairvoyant this was passed down on the maternal side of the family. Hetty has worked professionally as a psychic for about 12 years and although she sometimes uses cards as her tools will very often just tune into her client and will receiver direct clairvoyant clairaudient or clairsentient messages.

PIN: 2206


view profile (Busy)

When she gave me my test reading she got straight to the point and was very detailed. I love the fact she is a trained counsellor and a life coach as she represents the emotionally intelligent reader we are looking for. India links in just by listening to your voice.

PIN: 2284


view profile (Busy)

James uses Tarot but is also a medium. His mum and nan are also mediums and both spotted that he was gifted when he was a young boy and helped him develop his talents. James actually began reading at around the age of ten but has been reading professionally for several years now. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2257


view profile (Busy)

Jamie comes from a family steeped in the tradition of Tarot. He was taught by his Welsh grandmother and has been reading since his early teens, combining the use of cards with his natural clairvoyant abilities. He is extremely easy to talk to and has extensive experience in helping people dealing with both practical and emotional issues. He is straight talking, but is also very compassionate. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2146


view profile (Busy)

Jan Lee is an exceptional medium who gave me a brilliant test reading - including describing every toy I had as a child! She also described very specific things related to the childhood of my partner. I loved all the details she gave. Let me know what you think. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2103


view profile (Busy)

Jannine is a brilliant and friendly clairvoyant medium and tarot reader who also connects with guides to give you the guidance you need to make positive changes in your life.

PIN: 2210


view profile (Busy)

Jayne is an excellent clairvoyant and has been reading the tarot since she was 15. Jayne channels spiritual energies and is able to offer extremely meaningful and insightful information. In her test reading she described instantly my current situation including a vivid description of the house I want to buy and an exact description of my buyer. Brilliant. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2242


view profile (Busy)

Jeannie is a hereditary psychic clairvoyant and medium who also uses numerology. She talks non stop and just gives it to you! Jeanie gave me a very detailed test reading and I was left speechless by the amount of information she was able to deliver in such a short space of time. I gave her 10 out of 10 - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2223


view profile (Busy)

Jo is a clairvoyant Tarot reader who has been reading for 16 years. I first met Jo years ago and knew she would make a fabulous reader from the start. One of our testers said that Jo got right to the heart of a problem that she was facing that really helped her see the changes she needed to make in her life and described the reading as amazing. I am delighted that Jo has joined us, and cannot wait to hear what you think!

PIN: 2140


view profile (Busy)

Johanna is a formidable psychic and medium with 20 years experience. She has appeared on TV and has been a guest speaker on many different occassions. She will make the hairs at the back of your neck tingle and is just the sort of reader you expect from Michele Knight Psychics. She is specific, gives details and is very, very honest. Clients love her so grab her quick if she is free as she is usually booked up - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2228


view profile (Busy)

Julie is well known for her astonishing readers. You can feel her energy hit you as soon as you speak to her. She gives you the detail you expect from a Michele Knight psychic and I am sure she will soon become one of our most popular readers. She has worked as a psychic for many years and we are delighted to welcome her on board. - click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2142


view profile (Busy)

I adored my test reading with Karen. She was recommended by one of our readers and so I gave her a test straight away. She is not only a fabulous astrologer who gives deep soul insight but also a brilliant psychic.

PIN: 2278


view profile (Busy)

Katha has been reading from a young age and is passionate about her work. As soon as I did Kathas test reading, I knew I wanted her on board. I love the way she goes into the reading without asking any questions and shares her wisdom and insights. I loved having a reading with her, and I am delighted she has joined our team.

PIN: 2135


view profile (Busy)

Katherine is a psychic Tarot reader. I just happened to call my tester after she had spoken to Katherine and she said that she thought Katherine was very special. Not only did she immediately hit specifically on something that was weighing on the testers mind, but she delivered detail after detail without any fluff or padding and then went on to talk about it in deep soul terms.

PIN: 2180


view profile (Busy)

Katie is another of our exceptional psychic readers who uses tarot and Angel cards. Katie is very honest and straight to the point. She works by tuning into your energy and the energy of those around you so that she can quickly help you achieve clarity and understand all of the options open to you in any area of your life.

PIN: 2246


view profile (Busy)

Kim is a clairvoyant Tarot reader. She has an amazing ability to pick up loads of the kind of detail at an incredibly deep, soul level that you can expect from one of my readers. When she did my test reading, she told me incredible deep details that no one else could know. We also tested her with one of my celebrity clients who was also blown away with the details.I am very excited that we found her! - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2263


view profile (Busy)

Lana Jackson is an intuitive astrologer and psychic medium. I found her smart and grounded and a delight to talk to. She works with your spirit guides to provide you with an insight into your life purpose and how you can work with your strengths to overcome your challenges in life. Have your date, time and place of birth handy for your reading and, as always, let me know what you think!

PIN: 2236


view profile (Busy)

Lara is back! Lara worked for me a few years ago and I am absolutely thrilled that she is with the team once more as people loved her readings. She inherited her psychic abilities from her Italian grandmother and tunes in using all the skills of clairvoyance plus her mediumistic abilities.

PIN: 2143


view profile (Busy)

Scottish Laura is back! She has been a popular member of the team for many years and a firm favourite with clients. A brilliant young understanding psychic she also uses the tarot and has an expertise in crystals. She always tries to give clear and insightful readings - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2128


view profile (Busy)

Leigh is a brilliant clairvoyant who uses angels and natural clairvoyance to gives great insight and solution to the problems that you are going through. Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2235


view profile (Busy)

Lisa is a gifted psychic and astrologer. She is honest and direct and will tell you exactly what she sees without you saying anything. She has the highest integrity and delivers exceptional details. In her test reading she described not only my relationship in uncanny detail but also a meeting I was about to go to. She is a talented colour healer and has a great deal to bring to Michele Knight Psychics.- Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2211


view profile (Busy)

Litz is a fourth generation clairsentient and clairvoyant medium, she is a very hands-free psychic and will work with cards and other tools only when requested. In addition to 1-2-1 readings, Litz has appeared on TV and radio as well as in theatres and spiritual centres giving psychic and mediumistic messages - click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2105


view profile (Busy)

Lorena is an American psychic she is someone who works quickly and gets to the point. She uses Tarot angel cards and is a clairvoyant medium.

PIN: 2201


view profile (Busy)

Loretta J is a healer and clairvoyant who channels for Spirit and Angels. As a voice for Spirit, Loretta J gets an overview of your situation then receives clear, practical guidance to help empower your decision making. We love her warm and honest approach. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2124


view profile (Busy)

One of the best test readings I have ever experienced as her attention to detail was second to none. Louise does not use cards or tools. She leaps right in and connects to voice vibration. I am very proud to have her on our team.

PIN: 2274


view profile (Busy)

We are over the Moon to have Lydia with us. She has been a very popular reader for another site and her test readings were remarkable. she was so different in her first test reading she came straight to me. She is very detailed and specific Let me know what you think.

PIN: 2197


view profile (Busy)

Margarita is a hereditary Celtic intuitive empath who also uses Tarot and Angel cards. She flew through her tests and then when she read for me, she impressed me with her emotional depth and sensitivity. She has a very deep way of reading which is empowering and specific. She is exactly the sort of reader we always look for, a real diamond! Please let me know what you think as your feedback is really important.

PIN: 2183


view profile (Busy)

Maria chose to embrace the Spiritual path over 15 years ago and now works with her guides, spirits and angels. She reads Tarot and Angel cards and is a Reiki and Crystal healer. A very sensitive psychic, Maria looks at everything holistically. She works from the principle that awareness and understanding of how aspects of our lives are linked and influence each other enables us to move forward - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2213


view profile (Busy)

Mark is a clairvoyant Tarot reader and medium and has been in touch with the spirit world since he was a child. He also works with his spirit guides, uses Gypsy cards, Psy cards and natural energies in readings. I know you will find him easy to talk to and really down to earth with the advice and guidance he gives! - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2262


view profile (Busy)

I was so delighted when Martine joined the company as I had been trying to get her on board for three years! She is a stunning psychic who has an amazing ability to hone in without any information and gives you exact details on what is going on. She is brilliant at all types of readings and is shockingly good. Warm and fab, she is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. She can see feel and hear spirit. 10/10 - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2230


view profile (Busy)

Michele combines psychic clairvoyance with medium abilities and also uses Angel cards. One of my testers said that it was as though Michele could read her mind and soul and the information just flowed. I think she works at a deep level in a very modern way and thats what I look for in a reader. Let me know what you think!

PIN: 2187


view profile (Busy)

Happy New Year! yes, I am online if it says Available under my name! I am a hereditary psychic so have been doing readings and healing since I was a toddler. Best known for channel fives Housebusters and teaching Jane Goldman the Tarot in Jane Goldman investigates. Also 4 series of the X factor Xtra factor.- Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2101


view profile (Busy)

Miranda is an extremely gifted psychic who works with spirit guides and specialises in relationship and bereavement issues. You will find her sound advice will help you find a new future to look forward to. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2252


view profile (Busy)

Naomi is a wonderful addition to the team. In her test readings everyone felt she gave good detailed readings. I found her able to pin point important issues that I was experiencing and also suggest some great advice. She is clear funny and warm as well. She also does a wide variety of types of readings.

PIN: 2208


view profile (Busy)

Nicki is an empathic psychic who describes herself as a spiritual life coach who uses oracle cards and can also use tarot. Each test reader gave very similar feedback saying that Nicki is quick to connect, that she gives a lot of detail and she’s confident with her reading. For a fast paced reading where no questions are asked, Nicki is the reader for you! - click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2108


view profile (Busy)

Nikki has always been a popular reader with Michele Knight. I highly recommend her - she is amazing! She is very specific and has a sophisticated approach which inspires. She has the "wow" factor. For those who want proof and an instant connection, she really comes up with the goods - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2118


view profile (Busy)

Nina is an extraordinary empath and psychic. I have never come across anyone quite like her. She not only gives a detailed reading but has the power to explore things at a unique emotional depth. I sourced her myself and am delighted to have her on board. I find her INCREDIBLE. She gives the same powerful readings as myself in a similar style. She is deep and astounding! - Click the photo for feedback

PIN: 2112


view profile (Busy)

Patricia is a clairvoyant psychic medium. She really impressed my testers. They do loads of test readings, so that is not easy to do. Patricia also delivered loads of specific information and detail in her test reading with me and gave me a lot of sound insight into a few things that are going on. Please let me know what you think!.

PIN: 2184


view profile (Busy)

Pauline is a hereditary psychic from both sides of her family. Like Michele she has a modern approach and gives detailed psychic advice. She is brilliant at specifics and has a wonderful, clear style. She is fantastic so give her a go.- Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2122


view profile (Busy)

Rose comes from a family of psychics and her gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship and healing have been passed down through the generations. She uses Tarot and links in with spirit guides to uncover the deeper truth of your situation. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2216


view profile (Busy)

Rosilee is a psychic tarot reader. In her test reading she got straight to the heart of an issue one tester was dealing with and delivered the reading with a lot of depth, compassion and spiritual wisdom that in my book takes a psychic connection up to a truly empowering reading. Rosilee is a very welcome addition to the team.

PIN: 2164


view profile (Busy)

Rosy combines Tarot with clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship. Testers talked about Rosy tuning straight in to what was going on in their lives and also commented on her warmth and supportiveness. Rosy also showed herself to be very emotionally in tune. She was passed to me with strong recommendations and as always do let me know what you think!

PIN: 2182


view profile (Busy)

Ruby is a fantastic medium and psychic. Born a natural medium, she has been practising for 15 year and is a huge success. She loves to connect people with loved ones and is also a great psychic. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2226


view profile (Busy)

Saffy has clients clambering to get to her! She is usually booked for credit card readings but if you are lucky you can get her on the 0906. Keep a close eye on the boards, her natural psychic ability makes her very popular. She reads using her spirit guides and gives masses of information in a short time. Saffy gave my partner a reading just before we went on holiday and predicted that someone would get bitten by something nasty and need to see a doctor. I forgot about her warning until I got bitten by a hornet or scorpion, then fell down some stairs and fractured my rib! I did indeed need to call a doctor! - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2204


view profile (Busy)

Sam was born with her intuitive gifts. Testers said that she quickly tuned in and delivered plenty of detail but she also went way beyond the surface to deliver a reading that worked at a very deep, soul level. I cannot wait to hear what you think!

PIN: 2170


view profile (Busy)

Sandra is a psychic medium who works with the tarot. A tester said their reading had been fabulous! Describing Sandra as being an earthy person with a great sense of humour who they loved listening to. Another tester found Sandra to be warm and friendly and that said that she had strong medium links. When she gave me my test reading the second thing she mentioned was Canada which was something that was on my mind that day.

PIN: 2198


view profile (Busy)

Sara passed her test readings with flying colours. I loved my reading with her as it flowed from start to finish. Her style is a clear intelligent reading with lots of detail. I am sure you will love her. Let me know what you think.

PIN: 2218


view profile (Busy)

Our much loved Welsh Sharie has returned. Sharie worked for us years ago and was a very popular psychic reader. She is warm direct and gives a very caring reading

PIN: 2200


view profile (Busy)

Sharon is a stunning young psychic. She is dynamic and to the point and loves to give lots of details. She is the kind of rising star I am always proud to have on my site and I am over the Moon to have her on board.

PIN: 2207


view profile (Busy)

Sharon is a very warm soul and came highly recommended in fact she was sent directly to me from our brilliant psychic Litz. I loved her strong and kind manner and ended up on the phone for an hour as she got straight to the heart of my emotional and work life.

PIN: 2287


view profile (Busy)

I am thrilled to have Sophia on board. Before the reading I had two things in my mind which were bothering me. Without me saying anything she described these situations.

PIN: 2113


view profile (Busy)

Stella is a hereditary psychic tarot reader who mainly works just using her intuition. In her test readings she tuned into what was going on straight away. Not only that, but she also showed an incredible amount of wisdom in understanding what could be done to bring about change and transformation. I think she is fabulous.

PIN: 2174


view profile (Busy)

Steve is a clairvoyant medium, has been a spiritual teacher for a number of years, is a Priest of Avalon, a Shamen, healer and can also move spirits on when necessary! He is an exceptional psychic who blew everyone away in his test reading. I highly recommend you try him. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2243


view profile (Busy)

Strawberry is a hereditary psychic Tarot reader, whose clairaudience and clairvoyant skills were passed down through her grandmothers side. She impressed testers with her ability to dive straight into the reading and deliver detail, with one tester saying that she picked up on her situation beautifully.

PIN: 2177


view profile (Busy)

Sue C is a hereditary psychic who has been reading professionally for 15 years. She uses Tarot alongside clairsentience and medium skills to get straight to the heart of whatever issues you are dealing with. Let me know what you think!

PIN: 2141


view profile (Busy)

Tara is an exceptional natural psychic and gives you a reading by tuning into your voice vibration to connect and deliver her intuitive impressions and advice. If you want a sophisticated reading without Tarot, try Tara. Clients tend to choose her when dealing with relationships issues and say she has the uncanny ability to directly link to their partners frame of mind - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2224


view profile (Busy)

Suzanne is a wonderful and sensitive clairvoyant who gives a caring and detailed reading. When I tested her, she picked up on the fact that I was moving house and gave me a detailed analysis of the situation that no one could have known! She has been a psychic for over 20 years and we are delighted to have her on board. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2241


view profile (Busy)

Clairsentient and clairvoyant, Theoni is also a registered hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and a Pyramid and Isis attuned healer. I am thrilled to have her on board as she devotes a lot of time teaching workshops all over the world and is an absolute ray of sunshine - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2256


view profile (Busy)

Virginia is a clairvoyant who uses Tarot cards to tune in. She has been reading for over 20 years. I really liked her energy and in particular the way that she can take readings to a very deep level. In her test reading, she described someone I know very well and talked about the link between us from a much wider spiritual perspective in a way where I could see that she had gone beyond the surface of the connection. As always, let me know what you think.

PIN: 2147


view profile (Busy)

Vuyiswa is an excellent sensitive psychic medium who also uses Tarot. She tunes in very quickly to the emotional issues that surround you - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2136


view profile (Busy)

Yvonne is one of our USA based readers and work with energies and messages as they come through to her . Yvonne uses cards and and pendulum to tune into you and she is exceptionally sensitive to people energies and emotions and I am sure you will get a great reading.

PIN: 2247


view profile (Busy)

From the second Bridgette spoke I sensed she would be a great reader and I was right. The first thing she said was about someone tying a ribbon and what no one knows is that I had just filmed a TV pilot where I tied a ribbon around someones wrists! She then talked in a deep and compassionate manner about other things in my life. She is a great addition to the team.

PIN: 2196


view profile (Busy)

Oana has always been a firm favourite with clients. She does not pull any punches but is honest, direct and gives loads of details. She is also warm and funny. She does have an accent so be patient with her. I find her totally amazing. She is a natural psychic but can use cards. If you want a very specific answer, she is your girl. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2219


view profile (Busy)

Sadie is exactly what you expect from Michele Knight Psychics. She is a brilliant psychic and astonishing medium. She has had her ability all her life, is emotionally intelligent and incredibly specific. As a result, she is constantly in demand but is absolutely and one hundred per cent worth waiting for!.- Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2227


view profile (Busy)

I have known Elizabeth for over 10 years and am pleased to welcome her to the team, Elizabeth is a psychic clairvoyant who also uses tarot cards and crystals and I am sure you will find her readings excellent. As always I am keen to find out your views so do let me know.

PIN: 2190


view profile (Busy)

Fiona is a sensitive psychic and medium. She gives an in-depth reading with no prior information and will always tell you the truth - not just what you want to hear. Her integrity and the depth of her readings make her a popular choice. - Click the photo for feedback and more information

PIN: 2222


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Mary uses clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. In her test reading I felt as though she had stepped inside my head as she was able to tune into me and everyone in my life and talk down to the most minute detail about what was going on! She even repeated things that I had said only that morning. Other testers reported having exactly the same feeling. - click the photo for feedback and more information

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Trinity is a clairvoyant medium and natural psychic. She works with spirit to give astounding readings which are factual and deep. She picked up on specific details regarding upcoming projects and exact details about what was going on in my life at the time I tested her and gave me a message from my father. She is especially good at relationship readings. Let me know what you think but I am sure you will be pleased - Click the photo for feedback and more information

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